Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Taylor Lautner not dead or died of drug overdose, internet speculation dismissed about twilight star Taylor Lautner's untimely death of new moon star

was all internet hype that got rumours going that twilights new moon star Taylor Lautner was dead, but Taylor Lautner is not dead as confirmed by one of his representatives.

the Taylor Lautner death rumours have been put down to internet blogs chat and social media site twitter, where a rumour of Taylor Lautner untimely death at 17 due to a illegal drugs overdose, but in the end it all has looked like the power of internet hype.

looks like Taylor Lautner is in line of a long line of celebrities that have been said are dead by internet sources, only for it to turn out to be false and just basically internet hype, that got a rumour going, which then picked up pace, which the Taylor Lautner death rumour definitely picked up some pace, i read the rumour on a youtube comments section, so that is how high and wide this rumour reached.

but one look at Taylor Lautner's physique and you can see how much Taylor Lautner is in a healthy strong condition and that Taylor Lautner obviously works out and eats a very healthy diet, so you would not think Taylor Lautner (jake black in twilight) would die at an early age.

and a physique like Taylor Lautner and that kind of muscle density does not come over night either, Taylor Lautner has had to have been training for many years to get that kind of thick muscular condition, many years of heavy workouts with the weights, and taylor must of followed a strict diet as well.

picture of Taylor Lautner routine or program has the heavy bench press or so it would look from this picture:



this picture shows Taylor Lautner doing chin ups on a bar in his workout routine, chins are for building up the back muscles:


some of the exercises taylor lautner has used to get built up for his roles as jake black in twilight new moon, heavy bench press and chin ups, in the taylor lautner workout routine.

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